SSG Zachary R Wobler...RLTW



Unfortunately today many of our American heros are forgotten due to the sheer number of them that have died.  Despite their amazing lives and acts, many of their  stories have gone untold.  Today we only hear of a chosen few, who for various reasons, sparked special recognition. For those fallen heros whose stories have yet to be recognized on the big screen or in a book, It is up to those of us who served alongside them to keep their memories alive.  Every soldier who gave his or her life for this country deserves to be acknowledged and remembered.  Please take the time today and read about one of those heros:  a hero who was a brother, mentor, and friend.


SSG Zachary Ryan Wobler was a U.S. Army Ranger, Sniper, Jump Master, and a slew of other ninja qualified skills that would require a dictionary to decipher. Most importantly though to the men that served with him and under him he was a leader. A lead from the front leader that wouldn't ask anything of his men if he wasn't willing to do it himself.  I had the honor of serving side by side with this great man leading men into battle. His courage, candor, and calmness always left me awe inspired.  I won’t tell Zach’s life story here, but I will tell you that in his final moments Zach went down fighting. He fought as hard, if not harder, then many of the other heros who have been highlighted on the movie screens today.  In his final moments Zach cared about one thing and one thing only; it wasn’t his well being or the success of the mission. He thought only of his men and their safety. These are the actions of a true leader. 


Zach, like all of our veterans, put it all on the line when he raised his right hand and took the oath. He did this because he loved this country, believed in this country, and the people he swore to protect. Please take the time today and read about Zach’s life. Help keep this brave warrior’s legacy alive so that your children and your children's children can learn what being a leader, a brother, and a human is all about. Don’t let his sacrifice be buried deep in the dirt to be walked over. Lift it up for all to see.