With thousands of our combat veterans all over the country returning home from war and beginning their transition to civilian life, they find their real challenge awaits them once they’re back (Re-adjustment). Many of the numerous veteran assistance programs offered are still falling short to help our service members because the vast majority of these organizations don’t truly understand what our veterans have faced overseas and how difficult the transition process is.  

   The bonds of war are strong and the experiences last a lifetime.  A mixture of adrenaline, cohesion and training keeps our combat soldiers sharp while serving abroad. Their feeling of security and comfort lies within their brothers standing to their left and right on the battlefield.  When they return home, they find that without a war to fight, those instincts they relied so heavily upon in a combat zone are no longer needed, yet they cannot just be turned off like a switch.  Many don’t realize they have been changed, and that these changes can be permanent and difficult to cope with.  When their brothers are absent and the outlets aren’t available, the coping becomes almost impossible.  

   3GUN4VETS  is a company born out of necessity, designed to offer an outlet and atmosphere that our combat vets can relate to. As an active duty combat veteran myself, I know the power of camaraderie and cohesion.  Coming home I experienced the difficulty in turning off a part of my life that had been so significant.  In 3GUN competition I found a community that fosters the exact environment and challenges that many of our combat vets can relate to.  It’s because of this sport and the people involved that I was able to get back a piece of my life I thought I had lost in combat.  The sport offered a safe competitive outlet filled with challenges that allowed me to adjust back into normal life.  The people who surrounded me and the experience I gained through competition, was a true blessing. 

   At  3GUN4VETS  our goal is to help our combat veterans be part of something that encompasses all the virtuous traits and challenges experienced in combat.  Through the experience of 3GUN competition, veterans will find a community and sport they feel comfortable and accepted.  They will be able to challenge themselves on the field of sport, surrounded by supporters and once again, feel a part of a team.  Please help us truly bring our combat veterans home!  

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